The Austin Ice Storm & Ted Cruz Traveling to Cancun During Crisis

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13 dögum síðan

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1610 - Snowpocalypse with Tim Dillon.

Tristan Martinez
Tristan Martinez 2 klukkustundum síðan
Anyone got the meme of teddy as a lineman? I’m in a damn electrician group on face book and none of them had it.
Ravenous Treasure
Ravenous Treasure 5 klukkustundum síðan
When are you going to have Chris Duane on your show to discuss Silver?
Diah Rea Jones
Diah Rea Jones 7 klukkustundum síðan
Ted had to get rid of his Zodiac mask and the cypher
Andrew Dodds
Andrew Dodds 8 klukkustundum síðan
Kids and old people freezing to death. It'll be fine though... What happened to Joe?
jim lahey
jim lahey 13 klukkustundum síðan
Who gives a shit about red Cruz going to cancan
inter modus
inter modus 13 klukkustundum síðan
"Can he make it warm out"😁
Stop Communism
Stop Communism 21 klukkustund síðan
Silly sheeps. If the government hadn't limited the power companies' options it'd not have been so bad.
Brent Oertel
Brent Oertel 23 klukkustundum síðan
Well Alexandria Cortez senator from New York raised 5 million dollars for Texans to help out the people of Ted Cruzes state. Soooo... yeah I’m thinking he has a lot of power to have helped out his own constituents.
Scoobington McWigglesnatch
Scoobington McWigglesnatch Degi Síðan síðan
What could he have done? Uh idk maybe get organized, use those fancy Harvard/Princeton critical thinking skills and not waste any time starting a fundraiser for his constituents like a certain congresswoman from New York who doesn't even live in Texas??? Just Joe Rogan things though, it'll be fine.
Leon Adel
Leon Adel Degi Síðan síðan
Him not showing solidarity with texans as a elected representative if you cant do that then what are you doing in office
Give me liberty Or give me death
Give me liberty Or give me death Degi Síðan síðan
The difference is, Cruz didn't tell anyone not to travel, unlike the mayor of Austin.
Tucker Henderson
Tucker Henderson Degi Síðan síðan
Another nothing burger. The people that love him, still love him. And the people who hate him, still hate him. Who cares?!!!!
Scott Walsh
Scott Walsh Degi Síðan síðan
Joe has been changing his views on things for a while now. Maybe he's being more honest now or possibly he's going for a different type of guest and just morphing his views to not be confrontational. It's his prerogative as to what he thinks/says, but I find him harder and harder to listen to any more.
Conscious Nobody
Conscious Nobody Degi Síðan síðan
Liberal Socialist
Liberal Socialist 2 dögum síðan
Texans should ask AOC what to do about their lack of leadership.
Gary R
Gary R 2 dögum síðan
Fuck Spotify
Wolfpack 2 dögum síðan
Even more ironic how he loves his right wing pals that claim the left are trying to be communists when he knows that is bullshit defends cruz as he sparks up a symbolic representation of a communists country of cuba a cuban ciggar!!! what a douche this man really is
Kai Zhong
Kai Zhong 2 dögum síðan
This is like a kid finding out Santa is not real. Literally out of mind experience sitting here listening.
lakecrab 2 dögum síðan
DaBoxing Scholar
DaBoxing Scholar 2 dögum síðan
Joe it was ted cruz deregulating energy system that got us on this mess ,and when people in texas dont have running water or electricity he tucks tail and runs as if his expensive house didn't have those things as well im sure he's a high-priority in Texas and his lights and water was on . Governor Abbott issued that people don't have to wear masks anymore if the covid-19 is climb and you tuck tail and run you we will know why you were sympathizing with ted cruz
DaBoxing Scholar
DaBoxing Scholar 2 dögum síðan
Isn't it sad our leader can take a commercial flight in peace😂😂😂😂
Rohith Kumar
Rohith Kumar 2 dögum síðan
its amazing this video has more likes than dislikes, guess this is now trumps/republican haven now that r/T_D is banned on reddit.
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd 2 dögum síðan
I left Texas too and am currently in Florida. Where's my backlash and rage from the soy boy lefties who can't afford to travel?
Godzilla Tuna
Godzilla Tuna 3 dögum síðan
DOING WHAT? how about do what AOC do. Are you kidding me. He a leader of that state. Do something.
Mark King
Mark King 3 dögum síðan
6.9k people have a double digit IQ. Please don't breed. Instead, walk towards the nearest ocean and keep walking.
The Downphoenix Archives
The Downphoenix Archives 3 dögum síðan
Joe clearly did too much DMT based on his take.
Ed Kokosko
Ed Kokosko 3 dögum síðan
They have been documented weather Forever! Cruz did nothing wrong. Wasn't he back the next day? Ted is way to smart to be the butt of these jokes.
B B 3 dögum síðan
Joe "I can pay a $17,000 electricity bill" Rogan
k31than 3 dögum síðan
@2:17 Are you freakin' kidding me? This guy (and yeah, probably Joe as well) is what an "arrogant ignorant" (or dare I even say 'ignoramus') would be like. "Duh derp derp. What the hell do you expect an elected public official to do when their constituents are suffering during a crisis? Give them hugs and say, 'Thoughts and prayers'? You mad, bro? LOL"
Little Billy
Little Billy 3 dögum síðan
Austin TX is on the same line on earth as Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve been here 70 years and we would not be ready for that kind of cold and snow. What in the hell is Ted Cruz expected to do. Are people this stupid?
Panda Loco
Panda Loco 3 dögum síðan
Tim Dillon's obesity keeps him warm at night while cholesterol chokes his arteries
Larry M
Larry M 3 dögum síðan
Y'all won't be laughing in the next few years when the ozone layer fails and famines in the U.S. start. Keep the distraction going, geoenginnering the climate will destroy the biosphere.
Zippydodah Quirk
Zippydodah Quirk 3 dögum síðan Executive Order 13920 of May 1, 2020 (Securing the United States Bulk-Power System), is hereby suspended for 90 days. The Secretary of Energy and the Director of OMB shall jointly consider whether to recommend that a replacement order be issued
J Kephart
J Kephart 4 dögum síðan
I hate defending Ted Cruz over this one, but like joe said he criticized a mayor. Ted's not a Mayor or a Governor. He's a senator completely different job titles and responsibilities
Itzz Krypt
Itzz Krypt 4 dögum síðan
joe "ohhhhh wtf was that 1 thing ted cruz said" rogan just give AOC her credit and move onto the next segment
ALEX 4 dögum síðan
It also looks bad because he escaped to a country he tried to put a wall around then said Florida is almost as nice as Cancun. Is the wall to keep us in?
Neil Marsden
Neil Marsden 4 dögum síðan
America Is so arrogant lol, Britain is best 🤣
Lenin Franco
Lenin Franco 4 dögum síðan
what joe? what could he do? he is in the senate dude..he could have done what AOC did who raised 5million for the people of texas and shes a New joe is the one out of touch.
Steve Clarke
Steve Clarke 4 dögum síðan
What did the sleeping president Biden do?????
Jayden Garrett
Jayden Garrett 4 dögum síðan
Lol Joe just did the same thing Cruz did but for his "UFC Job"
MrLucianno1992 4 dögum síðan
The problem in my opinion is. That if a ship starts sinking or has any problem where the crew and passengers has to evacuate, the captain has to be the last to leave the ship. If that's the case for the captains then why the leader of a state (the captain) gets to leave in a time like this? It would be better (again in my opinion) if he had just send his kids and wife away and stayed.
Janine Flores
Janine Flores 4 dögum síðan
First time I hear Joe Rogan sound dumb as fuck
Dominic Vega
Dominic Vega 4 dögum síðan
Y'all know Richard Pryor liked 13 year old girls rite? Wearing his face is cringe.
Ray Walker
Ray Walker 4 dögum síðan
Really!... Let's have leaders that like to flee to a place of confort during a crisis. People are dying in the worst way and your leader says, "hey, good luck with that, my townsfolk! Adios!" Really Joe Rogan!! You're ok with that?? Say it ain't so.
cdemp 4 dögum síðan
Go back to California, Joe. Texans won't miss you.
Justin 4 dögum síðan
I feel like every year I hear about a devastating winter storm in the south. If it happens every year maybe you should expect it's going to happen and invest in a damn plow. We deal with crazy snow storms weekly in MA and everything stays open. No disrespect to texas but why are these winter storms always so devastating if they happen all the time.... I also understand this storm was particularly bad but we just got like 2 weeks of constant snowstorm up here and society is still functioning lol
Jake Bermingham
Jake Bermingham 4 dögum síðan
Get David icke on this podcast
onthe downside
onthe downside 4 dögum síðan
While Cruz goes on vacation AOC raises a ton of $$$ for Texas relief.Think about that next time you vote red.
Brad Haaf
Brad Haaf 4 dögum síðan
Meh.. same time next year 60% of Texas is gonna have Tesla solar roofs and batteries. Thank you kurupt capitalism for a totally open season on taking down electrical corporation's in Texas. The perfect storm for pushing energy independence
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 5 dögum síðan
Nothing is giving me more faith in humanity than this comment section rn. Joe Rogan is, and has been, an insidious fraud.
Dudemond 5 dögum síðan
LMAO what a pair of fucking tools, Joe and Tim
Joshua Cordle
Joshua Cordle 5 dögum síðan
I don’t need Ted Cruz to fix the weather, I need an elected member of congress to not go on vacation while their constituents are suffering.
Cesar Ghisilieri
Cesar Ghisilieri 5 dögum síðan
It’s good to see that tons of people are noticing a change to the JRE but I wonder if he even reads the comments on these clips?
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 5 dögum síðan
You reap what you sow. I'm sure that trickle down ideology works with electricity too. It's not like this was ever a possibility. Besides, yall voted for it. 😂🤫👍
Trouser Snake
Trouser Snake 5 dögum síðan
I could give a flying fuck what cruz does and my house was 40 fuckin degrees.
Swift Hegel
Swift Hegel 4 dögum síðan
Jazmine A.
Jazmine A. 5 dögum síðan
Eating fish sticks in the dark 😆 my question is were they thawed out or frozen? lol!!
toni g
toni g 5 dögum síðan
What’s wrong with Cruz spending his own money to escape the snow. Whoever is butt hurt can suck on one
Trump 2024
Trump 2024 5 dögum síðan
Let me just say AOC+3 raising millions of dollars is much more dangerous than Ted wanting to go away with his family on holiday. That's a Fact right there now Haters if you won't mind doing what you do... Please start giving me Shit, thank you
Ri 5 dögum síðan
I hate how in Spotify you can only watch video in fullscreen or a tiny window in the corner. No theater mode.
Wes s
Wes s 5 dögum síðan
Ted Cruz is a fucking Texas Senator and flies to Mexico when things get bad. I don’t understand how people can think that is okay.
Dru L
Dru L 5 dögum síðan
AOC went to Cancun too, nvm she went to Texas during the storm and raised 5 million
Vaibhav Anurag
Vaibhav Anurag 5 dögum síðan
Joe Rogan doing what rich people do
Mr Nice guy
Mr Nice guy 5 dögum síðan
What a minute, hold up... People on here writing comments about how completely SHOCKED they are that a man would go to Cancun while his home state was hit with cold weather.... SHOCKED!!!!! But are not bothered by the fact that the election was rigged. That BLM and ANTIFA burned our cities, calling it a peaceful protest. The California Governer closes the state then eats out at a fine, I mean fine restaurant. Pelosi gets her hair styled, I guess that's what you call it, while on lock down. New York sends the covid elderly out of the hospitals so they can get others sick before dying alone.... Millions of babies are murdered in the womb.. The Secretary's assistant is man playing dress up (coo coo for co co puffs)..... And you guys are shocked!!!! Please.... Al Gore and John Kerry could have flown their private carbon spewing jets around in the sky the entire week it was cold, then landed at one of their mansions by the coast, and you same people would have kept silent... Call a spade a spade or stay quiet.....
Keluka Maiva
Keluka Maiva 5 dögum síðan
Joe Rogan move out on a bad time
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez 5 dögum síðan
As someone who is critical of both the left and the right, and a longtime fan of this podcast, this was disappointing to listen to. Seems like he’s following in the steps of Dave Rubin.
jerlee620 5 dögum síðan
How you not gonna show the video..Thanks Spotify,, smh
jody dymun
jody dymun 6 dögum síðan
I wonder if he actually started his comedian's survival compound and when will the ATF/FBI surround'em?
Josephine Mateo
Josephine Mateo 6 dögum síðan
“What can he do?” Really Joe really that’s the question. He’s a public servant who suppose to serve the people’s best interests. Like help the people of Texas especially in times of need like this. AOC doesn’t represent Texas and yet has raised millions for those struggling. Why because she cares unlike Ted bitch ass Cruz.
jerb deytookem
jerb deytookem 6 dögum síðan
Sorry to say it. Rogan is 100% scumbag these days. He's had Elon Musk on and now he thinks he deserves a monocle and to laugh at the poors who died in Texas and how other rich people couldn't have done anything to help and AOC raises 5 mil. I'm so close now to wishing some pretty nasty things on Rogan.
immortalbeast84 6 dögum síðan
Tim dillon sounds like a young alex jones
funky sack
funky sack 6 dögum síðan
I’m surprised people aren’t blaming Biden. It must be (D)ifferent.
m0921_ _
m0921_ _ 6 dögum síðan
So what if he is traveling he has money . u guys can travel too u got money who cares enjoy life hahaha enjoy it go live it. with only famous ppl. Thats the life
Eidelmania 6 dögum síðan
J Rogan is a putz
jon Callen
jon Callen 6 dögum síðan
Rich ass Rogan shut up bummer I’m done
lordofthebrooms 6 dögum síðan
is it just me or Rogan sounds like he supports trump?
Stephen Brand
Stephen Brand 6 dögum síðan
I love it how Rogan and Musk were jerking each other off over moving themselves and their money to the promised land of Texas and then 4 days later this shitstorm happened.
5'2 balding indian janitor
5'2 balding indian janitor 6 dögum síðan
Denies climate change, abandons his state when a crazy snowstorm hits, guys like Joe Rogan and Shen Bapiro throw up their hands to defend him and say “well what can he do *shrugs*”......profit?
Ryan Tanner
Ryan Tanner 5 dögum síðan
Joe refuses to criticize Texas since he just moved there from California. He’s also friends with Texas’ Governor. And AOC literally flew over to Texas to help distribute supplies to people, and they want us to think Cruz couldn’t do anything if he was there
APOK Comix
APOK Comix 6 dögum síðan
Ted can raise money for Texans. No?
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan 6 dögum síðan
It says a lot that after the outcome of the George W Bush presidency, the state of Texas decided to stick to policies he enacted as governor-and at the lobbying insistence of Enron no less.
Father Strength
Father Strength 6 dögum síðan
It’ll be fine our studio is powered by satellite...
Stephen hewitt
Stephen hewitt 6 dögum síðan
Super dumb. Of course he should be there. He's a fucking leader and fucks off during a massive crisis. Its the only thing you shouldn't do.
Aaron Arceneaux
Aaron Arceneaux 6 dögum síðan
Come back to ISpost. Spotify is trash.
John Santos
John Santos 6 dögum síðan
Joe Rogan feeling stupid after moving out of Cali...🤦🏻‍♂️
Fuzzy Flick
Fuzzy Flick 7 dögum síðan
It'll be fine 😆😁😂
BerkleyCalifornia 7 dögum síðan
Wow Joe really sold out for Cruise. Joe should be his lawyer.
BMO 84
BMO 84 7 dögum síðan
I'm digging all of the negative joe comments! People listen enough and realize what a joke he is 😅
General Consensus
General Consensus 7 dögum síðan
Joe has officially sold out
William Page
William Page 7 dögum síðan
Cancun is just a short jog down from TX. I would do the same thing and drop my kids off too. Anyway just cos some folk are having bad luck why should every one not effected suffer. Oh and don’t buy a generic gas generator the libs will ban them too soon. We are going back to grinding wheat with an ox and big stone.
Victor Vanderpool
Victor Vanderpool 7 dögum síðan
Theodore can go to Cancoon all he want's.
donfili hermosillo
donfili hermosillo 7 dögum síðan
Joe you went soft on Ted Cruz, especially for a person who’s been criticizing the governor of California. But when Texas is freezing and no power, you go soft on Ted? Smh
Freshy Fresh
Freshy Fresh 7 dögum síðan
Joe would’ve blasted Ted but since he doesn’t want to feel regret for his decision he will justify Teds decision. It’s ok Joe your honesty is what made you. Don’t sell out. For a 6 minute clip he talk about it for about 1 minutes . Come on man!!
Silver SouthPaw
Silver SouthPaw 7 dögum síðan
Meanwhile AOC raising Millions for snow storm victims ... what's Teddy going to do??? PLEASE ... Rogan Clueless since moving to Texas... SMH
Jason Larawan
Jason Larawan 7 dögum síðan
Internwt people!! What can we do about this?
89 GT 5.0
89 GT 5.0 7 dögum síðan
Spotify👎 crooks
Chris Ska
Chris Ska 7 dögum síðan
don't know what Ted could have been doing instead of Cancun? maybe ask AOC or Beto
Clayton Sanchez
Clayton Sanchez 7 dögum síðan
I'm a Texan and still live in Texas and I don't understand why everyone is mad. I never one time thought "oh where is Ted Cruz??"
Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols 7 dögum síðan
Joe Rogan has reached full blown meat head status. This is why Lex Fridman's podcast is my go-to now.
Societopathy Observed
Societopathy Observed 7 dögum síðan
Man, Joe Rogan is REALLY getting dumb.
Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel 7 dögum síðan
Yeah man this weather was really bad man.
JDLamb42 7 dögum síðan
Cut these guys some slack, they're aspiring comedians. The fact that they've been putting in the work for years honing their craft should inform you to chuckle even if nothing funny is being said. Besides, you can tell from the conversational tone that you're expected to find it funny. Joe had that one good special so that should be enough to hang in for the remainder of the downward spiral, and some point down the line he'll probably be funny again. The fat guy will probably be funnier when he gets fatter. Sincerely, a proud boy incel with a chode
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